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Thailand - Sweet, sweet nothing

Day 4

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The sun came up (missed that bit) and set again later, but with a twist - a west coast sunset is a very nice thing indeed, the sun was so big and the ocean swallowed it up so quickly.

Didn’t get up to much mischief today, but that’s the reason we are here. Lounged on the beach, wandered though the village, had a snooze or two, and ate more delicious Thai curries by candlelight sitting on the beach watching the little crabs scurry about. The restaurant on the beach looked really nice - the candles were burning brightly in upturned bottle scattered about, and large lanterns hung from the roof (oh, how romantic). We were in time for happy hour so we got a couple of cocktails. Renee’s Pinta Colada came out in a very sexy naked woman glass, mine tasted like rocket fuel and came out in a gasoline drum. Booked in a kayak tour for tomorrow out around some islands which should be fun.

What day is it? Now that’s a good feeling…

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Thailand - Off to Koh Lanta

Day 3

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Up early again (feels like we haven’t stopped moving yet), and grab some bread and boiled eggs for breakfast on the way down to the pier to catch the ferry over to Phi Phi Island. Don’t let the hotel person book you a 200B taxi when you can walk around the corner and get one yourself for 50B. The pier is a circus, there are bus load upon bus load of tourists being grouped and assigned stickers. There are ferry ticket sellers everywhere running around looking for people without stickers. We eventually pay too much for a ferry ticket and get herded onto the first boat to leave for the 90 minute trip to Phi Phi. Now we can settle done to another tasty cup of (complementary) 3-in-1 coffee mix, delicious, and our boiled egg sandwiches for breakfast. Its at about this point we discover that our bread is very sweet and full of juicy sultanas, a very interesting combination with a boiled egg.



Pass most of the trip amusing ourselves watching the passengers go outside for a look and run back in minutes later soaked to the bone drowned by a crashing wave, and watching a poorly copies music DVD featuring performances by the like of Shakera, Gloria Estifan and Savage Garden (oh, was the trip only 90 minutes, it felt like so much more).

Phi Phi

Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island is pretty. A little port full of ferries, fishing boat and long tail boats. A market selling all the usual assortment of touristy beach resort goods, and a really nice beach area on the opposite side of the island (a mere 5 minute walk away through all the shopping stalls. This was the first real glimpse of those perfect Thai limestone islands sprinkled everywhere in the Andaman Sea. We only had about an hour to wander around Phi Phi before it was back onto the next ferry for another 90 minute trip further south to Koh Lanta island.

We’d already booked a place to stay on Koh Lanta, so we jumped in a tuk-tuk and headed straight there. Koh Lanta is a very simple and quiet village island stretched mainly along the main road and beaches of the west coast. Its easy to see life meanders along at my sort of pace here. I think we spent longer on the 10 minute tuk-tuk ride to our accommodation then we did at the place when we arrived - it was a bit dark, stale, smelly and miserable. Mental note: booking online is very convenient, but it doesn’t always tell the full picture - might organise accommodation on arrival from here on.

So we hoped in the back of a ute (they call them taxi’s here) and headed for Nature Beach Resort, which a bloke on the ferry spent quite some time selling to us. Now this is more like it, a room with a view out to the ocean, a bar and restaurant right on the long, flat, crisp, white Klong Nin beach. After sampling a Thai green fisk curry we knew we’d found a spot to stay for a couple of days.

The beach

The beach

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Touching down in Phuket town

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Breakfast time was great as we shared it in the front courtyard with lots of friendly peeps from Scotland, Ireland, and Netherlands. We discovered there was a 24 hr food hall very close and we enjoyed a great tasty noodley goodness for $3-$4 each.

Of course it started raining as we needed to get to the airport.

Arriving in Phuket to a chorus of “hey where you go?” and ignoring them all as we waited for the ultra cheap airport bus. Too bad that the bus stop was the only smoking point outside the airport… The taxi buggers still hassling us, but we enjoyed seeing the cheeky grin from the taxi man as he was touting his last “taxi” at us just as the airport bus was pulling up. J

Stayed at the :”Sunwest logde” in Phuket town, close to the bus station. It was a good clean setup except being on the 5th floor with a broken lift at the end of a long day. Dinner: the backpackers staple: 2 minute noodles, though surprising spicy.

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