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What didn’t fit in went down the bin shutte… My bag 13kg.. Gerard’s 18kg.
Pairs of shoes:
Renee 2
Gerard 4

Renee 3
Gerard 0

Carry On baggage:
Renee 3
Gerard 1

Renee: Carrying a motorcycle helmet
Gerard: Carrying wedding clothes

Started to rain as we left for the airport.

We were so uptight about DVT even Gerard was bouncing his legs around during the flight. The stop in Darwin was much welcomed. The flight felt like it went forever and it was only to Singapore. First night we stayed in Little India at ‘The Mitraa’ hostel. Very friendly and pretty convenient to the train station. Boy it was humid. It was weird going to bed not knowing what the other people in the room looked like or how many there were.

24 hr food hall

24 hr food hall

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One Day To Go

View The long trip! on wheretonow's travel map.

After a night of all packing/organising and no sleep mum puts onto the train back to Melbourne. For once I was glad the trip was three hours long and disjointedly slept all I could. Still relieved at getting our passports back on Friday from the US Consulate, today we were thrown into another mini frenzie when the travel insurance company came back and told us, I was not going to be covered for DVT. As we were going to get 3 months free cover with these guys ad no time left to organise another company, we vowed we were going to be the annoying ones on flights always up and out of our seats on every flight and run with it.

We had one last small catchup with my bosom buddies, I’ll miss them dearly.

After being out on the sauce it was home (well Adrian’s pad) to bed, final packing can wait.

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2 days to go!


Two days to go... 4 lists on the go...
Booked 4 out or 365 nights accommodation.
One day of free internet to go..


The High Priority List:
Travel Insurance
Pay Bike Rental
Pack Backpack
Deliver Scooter
Buy 11" Laptop
Get Bond
+ million other things including (christmas pressies, christmas cards, mp3 upload, copy photos from red camera, research laptops, book eurostar, pack boxes, burn cd of photos, organise hard disk, find Rossi's, scan visas, upload documents, send vouchers for refund, get bank card pin numbers, find water boiler, find socks, find tablets, find room for 30 boxes of tablets, list bank numbers, buy 2 xmas cards, buy cd adapter extension, clean up lounge room, wash car, wash scooter, wash motorbike, find helmet cover, duplicate passport photos, charge camera batteries, cancel amex, cancel medibank, get ing debit card, get travel card, scan birth certificate, ring restaurant

Checked off this week:
US Visa
Moved Out
Gnome Shopping
New Bank Cards with long expiry
IEP - US National Parks Volunteers Program
Got myself a solicitor -> Will/Power of Attorney
Ride Bike Home

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