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Ok.. so we're leaving in less than a month with only a rough idea and a couple of Visas in hand.

Top of the list to do's:

Travel Insurance for motorcycling
Book Christmas Accommodation
Find place to hire Royal Enfield
Determine initial route to Goa from Chennai
Pray we don't get run over in India

Where the hell are we going after India???

So far learnt about India from the web:
- Even if your motorbike has a lock on the fuel tank, this won't stop thieving rascals syphoning petrol out of your tank.
- Scooters in India have small wheels and no good for crappy pot-holed roads.
- If you can hire a car without a driver, don't bring it back scratched!
- Hire through: Hertz, A2B Travels or India Travel House
- Check road conditions before setting off!
- When you are a pedestrian/cyclist/scooterist, remember that might is right in India
- Hire the bikes or cars can be fixed in any town ie. the really common ones!
- Ask at local motorbike repair places to find where to hire a motorcycle
- People are friendly and will help you get back on the road if you're in trouble
- Trucks are out in force on weekends, avoid highway travel on these days.
- Don't ride/drive down little dark off the beaten track streets at night, police might pull you up for no good reason and expect a bribe.
- Leaving luggage at train stations is safe and assured
- Check states of bathrooms/toilets and for squashed bed bugs before accepting a room in budget accommodation
- Half of India goes to Goa for Christmas and NY! Trains are booked and nearly all of the accommodation.. erkk

YAY can't wait!

ps.. my blogging is a little clinical... I'll try to fix that!

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